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Dissertation Defense: Ashagrie Abdi

Friday, April 19, 2024

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

(America - New York)

The dissertation “Memory Politics and Building Multinational States in Africa: Collective Memory, Identity Conflict, and Constitution Making in Ethiopia” investigates the complex interplay between collective memory and identity conflicts in shaping the constitutional framework in Ethiopia, a key example of a multinational state in Africa. This study focuses on how varying interpretations and narratives of collective memory influence ethnic and political dynamics, affecting both national narratives and internal conflicts. It particularly examines the role of these collective memories in the constitutional making process, assessing how Ethiopia's diverse ethnic and cultural identities are represented and managed within the 1995 Federal constitution. Employing both theoretical analysis and empirical research, including interviews and constitutional document analysis, this research provides insightful contributions to the understanding of nation-building in Africa, underlining the significant impact of memory politics and identity in the formation and functioning of multinational states.

Committee Members:

  • Karina Korostelina, Professor, Committee Chair, Carter School, GMU
  • Terrence Lyons, Professor, Carter School, GMU
  • Aaron Tesfaye, Professor, William Paterson University

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